Active Initiatives

The Great Green Barrier
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The Great Green Barrier is the art solution to the thorny problem of our country’s souther border.  It addresses environmental issues, cost issues,  our countries image issues, job issues. Instead of a multi-million dollar 14-foot barbed wire topped wall boondoggle that is thwarted by anyone with a 15-foot ladder, we have proposed a football field deep nearly impenetrable cactus barrier at a fraction of the box above for more info.

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update  8/20/2012

The proposal has been presented to president Obama’s chief advisor, as well as Senators Boxer (d) CA and Whitehouse (d) Rhode Island.

Steuben Glass
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Steuben, American’s premier art glass company has closed.  Seventy Master Glass blowers now out of work. Steuben was the gift of choice for Presidents to give to visiting nations as an expression of the best of America.  Yes we are o longer in an age where expensive tableware is a standard, but the Art of Steuben was unique and should not be lost... click box above for more info.

Update 8/15/2012

American Art Trust has partnered with Made in USA to approach this from both the business and art fronts. 

Montague Collection
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Update 7/25/2012

The American Arts Trust will be one of  only five bidders for the collection. We secured the right from court to have other bidders to pool with us.


Vast collection of African-American ephemera that is in danger of being broken up and sold at auction. Our mission was to keep it intact and have it housed at a prestigious institution where is can be accessible to the the greatest amount of Americans... click box above for more info.

A Dialectic  in Rhythm
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A musical evening bring together three American Arts: Jazz Tap and Beat Poetry... click box above for more info.

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Vincent De Rosa
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Vincent De Rosa has been named our first American Treasure. The French Horn Player is and always will be the most recorded musician in history... click box above for more info.

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Harvey L Schultz
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Named to honor the late Colonel Schultz, this will be a virtual wall wall where all vets can post their art... click box above for more info.

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Is the bottom line for America that there is nothing except the bottom line?

The value of a collection is more then the price of the objects. It is also the eye and heart of the person who collected it.

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