Proposal for documentary film to honor Vincent DeRosa

Vincent DeRosa, at 93, can look around him and find a loving family.   He can look back at an astounding four hundred year lineage and know there has always been a musician named DeRosa.  He can look forward with confidence that the sheer number of recordings he was part of for movies and television as well as with individual artists will never be surpassed, making him the most recorded musician in history.   But, he can not see a musician named De Rosa in front of him.  He is the end of his line.

Vincent De Rosa is a superlative session musician.  You may not know the name but unless you lived under a rock from 1937 to 2005 you have heard, hummed along and fallen in love to  this master of the brass’  French horn virtuosity.  From the haunting horn solo in Days of Wine and Roses, to Ella, to the best of Henry Mancini, to the Monkees, to Frank Zappa, The Beatles,  to Rocky, to the Simpsons, The Beatles, and Frank Sinatra.  Music and the way it employed session musicians have changed over the years and there has always been a pretty strict contract system, but Vince was so good and in such demand he help multiple simultaneous exclusive contract.

In the mold of Mr. Holland’s Opus,  this documentary will show the highlights of the man’s life with interviews of composers and conductors whose lives and work Vince DeRosa has touched and changed.  It will juxtapose his work with the life he could not share with his son.  The closeness of their relationship will be clear, as will the hint of regret from the high school quarterback whose dad never got to see him play and the father who passed his gifts lovingly to those who were not his own.  Throughout there will also be interviews with those that he taught.  In a final concert which will highlight these “children”, the audience will realize that in fact the DeRosa line of musicians will continue even without the name, as Vincent has already put his mark on several generations of horn players.  

One of the songs on DeRosa’s list is

Mason Williams’  A Gift of Song.  

The lyric to which is:

A gift of song is a gift of love

It falls to earth I know not where

But who receives a gift of Love

Must send it freely on its way

As I receive so let me give

And live with joy my whole life through

A gift of song is a gift of love

And now I’ve sung my song for you

How fitting for a life that through his playing and even more through his teaching, has spread this gift of love and joy.  True, his son plays stocks and bonds and not Korngold and Newman and Schifrin and Williams.  But Vince’s other children the ones he taught over the years will spread this seed forward.  Movie scores are a uniquely American genre as the Movies and Hollywood are uniquely American.  Because of all these factors the American Arts Trust has chosen Vince De Rosa as it’s first Living Treasure.  In recognition for his contribution to the art form to elevate it and keep it fresh alive and vital for those that follow.  In his name and honor a scholarship will be set up in his name.