great green barrier


A design solution to our border problem

This is the enduring image of the united states that symbolizes to the world who we are.  A freedom loving land of opportunity open to all who yearn to breath free. This single image has drawn some of our greatest men and women to our shores.  It is  a source of strength and pride.  This is the image at our front door.

This may become the enduring image of the united states. It symbolizes fear. It shows us as a people who want freedom for some. To some it is a sign of strength, but is it strong? Or is it a sign that we are afraid. The richest,  strongest country in the world cowers behind gates?  Does this image tell the world who we are? because this image says as much at out back door as does the French lady at our front door.

the problem is real. We, like any nation have the right to, in anyway we choose, demarcate our borders.  to keep them secure and to control who and what enters and make sure that our rule of law is followed.  That was the case at  Ellis Island. there is no reason to give that up.  But barbed wired?  There is a better way. One that respects the land and gives us better control over the flow across our border.

Which lady better represents the united states of America?

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lady raising  a torch 

          eastern border

lady raising  the finger 

      U.S.-Mexican border

two statues, two borders, two messages