The Montague Collection


50 Years of dedication on the brink of loss

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The American Arts Trust can as a not-for-profit foundation, collect and pool smaller donations from individuals and thereby meet the trustee’s price.  We plan to buy and hold the collection intact.  We will then seek the proper home--one that insures that all those who want can have access to this collection.  It is our desire to keep Mr. Montague involved.  We believe his knowledge can only enhance this collection.  We intend to record an oral history.

We are seeking donations to secure the collection and to keep it intact. 

We are also seeking the correct home for this collection.

Art is the Answer

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The Magnificent Montague, Nathaniel Montague has been collecting African American memorabilia,   folk art and slave folk art for more then fifty years.  he is on the brink of losing it and even worse on the brink of having the collection broken up.

The American Arts Trust is attempting to save this American treasure trove intact, and then to find the correct home for the collection.  we are partnering with Nanny Jack & Co.  Appraisers and consultants the the U.S. Trustee in the bankruptcy case of Nathaniel Montague.  The U.S. Trustee in an almost unprecedented move will try to keep the collection intact and provide for Mr Montague.  the estimated price is $2,000,000.  That is far less than the appraised value.  If this price can not be met  the collection will be broken up and lost to  us all as a source of knowledge.

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