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Design has been around since man has been around. Each culture has draw upon it own nature and that is reflected in it’s design.

Take the knot. Characteristically different around the world.

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American Design Came into its own in the twentieth century.  Before the we borrowed from other cultures making small changes. America did not have much influence on world design but Americans did.  American Dancer Loie Fuller, a midwest girl who went to Paris to Dance.  With lights and fabric she wowed them. She not only became the figurehead for the rolls Royce, her swirling  flowing dance inspired a new design movement, the first to be interpreted worldwide:  Art Nouveau.


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and then a modern version which better displays the movement and lighting effects.

From then on through the twentieth century the world began more and more to turn to the U.S. as a design leader. From the sky scraper, to blue jeans to the Iphone, American design has lead.  There has always been and always will be a battle in design between form and function.  Those  who favor function often do away with form as trivial.

Business is business. 


IBM followed that model. 

Apple believe in form and function with form first. 

They understood to speak to the emotions is as important as speaking to the brain.

The first design form the American Arts Trust will look at is landscape Design.  Specifically  american xeriscaping design. Started with the understanding that water is far more precious a commodity then oil.  We use this design form to solve one of America’s thorniest problems.  See if you agree Art is the Answer.

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design: the act of conceiving and planning something before it is made.

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