Folk Art


of the people.   by the people    and for the people.  
Unacademic.   Unstudied.   Unrefined.

under construction


wood craft

folk music

(see music)

Native  American

It is the art that ties us back to man’s initial need to create and express  who he is.  For the united states of America this is particularly important because we pride ourselves on being a nation of individuals, and folk art is all about individual expression.  
Folk art almost always is tied to a utilitarian purpose. The weather vane was needed to forecast the weather but its being a rooster or a whale or a row boat was the need of the man who carved it.
Below find and explore these American folk arts
Be it in the weaving of baskets or paint on boxes, or carved onto signs, or in furniture made without plan, hooked into rugs, thrown on a wheel or hollowed out of a gourd or sung to an accompaniment of just a tapping foot:  these single unrefined and often pretty  expressions are important to us all.   This need to express who we are and what we have experienced can not and will not be silenced. In an age when technology has provided all of us a simple but disposable means of expression we need to understand the deeper meaning of this desire.

Baskets and weaving